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On 30 September 2020, the Commission presented its first overview of the rule of law situation in the European Union - 2020 Rule of Law Report. MEPs interrogate the Commission on its follow-up activities on the 2020 Rule of Law Report. 

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In this letter one hundred and eighteen MEPs call on Polish authorities to engage in a dialogue, to listen to the demands of the Polish protestors, and to prevent any further escalation. MEPs call on Poland to abstain from any new restrictions on fundamental human rights and ask to put a stop to the dismantling of the rule of law in Poland.

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In this letter twenty-four MEPs invite the European Commission to comment on the recent judgement by the so-called “Disciplinary Chamber of the Polish Supreme Court” against judge Beata Morawiec. Following a judgement of the Court of Justice, the “Disciplinary Chamber of the Polish Supreme Court” does not meet the requirements of EU law on judicial independence. MEPs stress that the “Disciplinary Chamber of the Polish Supreme Court” is not a legitimate body and question the Commissioners on what measures the European Commission is planning to take on the matter.

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