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In this letter seventy-eight MEPs raise concerns about the unfair trials of civil activists and political prisoners in Belarus and raise the importance of the EU Delegation and the EU Member States attending and witnessing the court proceedings on a regular and systematic basis.

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Written question submitted by Tineke Strik on the case of Maati Monijb who was arrested on 29 December 2020 after years of harassment and unlawful surveillance by the Moroccan authorities.

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In this letter six MEPs show their concern over the format and content of EU facilitated negotiations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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In this letter fifty seven MEPs urge Israel to honour the demand made by the EU and grant access to its election observation exploratory mission in order to support and observe the upcoming Palestinian elections.

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In this letter nineteen MEPs call on the Commission to act to intervene in the case of Ms Maleno, human rights defender and founder of Caminando Fronteras Collective who was recently expelled from Morocco in retaliation for her work in defense of human rights.  

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Written question co-signed by MEP Tineke Strik on the distribution of funds to Belarus civil society. 

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In this letter MEPs urge the Commission to do what is in its power to stop human rights violations against the peaceful supporters of the Algerian Hirak.

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The EU does not recognise the sovereignty of Israel over the territories the country has occupied since 1967 (OTs) and applies a policy of differentiation vis-à-vis Israel and the OTs. In areas such as trade, origin labelling and EU-funded programmes, the EU has put measures in place to ensure that Israeli settlements in the OTs are not treated as part of Israel.

Likewise, the EU’s 2011 adequacy decision for Israel, which allows for the free flow of personal data, states in Article 2 that it should be applied in accordance with international law, i.e. excluding the OTs.

However, Israel treats the settlements as part of its territory for most purposes, including data transfer.

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Between 2007 and 2020, the European Union (EU) and its member states provided no less than 11.6 billion euros in aid to the DRC, making the country the fifth largest recipient of EU aid in the world. The EU, as a major donor to the DRC, therefore has a crucial role to play in encouraging transparent governance of the country while ensuring that corrupt funds do not enter the European market.

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The Collective of Sahara Human Rights Defenders – CODESA has collected signatories for its urgent appeal calling for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to deploy a permanent mission to Western Sahara for the protection of Saharawi civilians.

The campaign started on 20 January 2021 collecting signatures on the appeal below from
Parliamentarians, NGOs, international figures, political parties, trade unions, women and youth
organization, and global civil society groups. 

The Appeal was also signed by 150 Parlamentarians from the European Parliament, UK Parliament, French Parliament, Spanish Parliament, Swedish Parliament, Swiss Parliament and the Mauritanian Parliament as well as 177 organizations from 41 countries around the world representing all
continents including international civil society groups, institutes, trade unions and political parties.

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