Written Question submitted by MEP Tineke Strik regarding the risk of lead poisoning on the location of the new migrant camp on Lesbos.

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In this letter, eight MEPs urge the European Commission to address the issue of pushbacks in the European Union as a matter of priority and to do everything possible to prevent these incidents and take appropriate action.

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In this letter, thirty-five MEPs call on the European Commission to proceed to the immediate evacuation, redistribution and relocation of all persons seeking protection from Lesvos and all the Aegean Islands and to ensure the right to international protection in EU Member States.

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In this letter eighty-three MEPs call on the Commission to push for the immediate relocation of all asylum-seekers who used to live in Moria camp. In particular they call to relocate unaccompanied, separated or sick children and vulnerable persons. MEPs also urge the Commission to work with the Greek authorities to ensure that the new camp is safe for all and that it has adequate infrastructure with access to running water, food and health provisions and dedicated services for vulnerable people as well as access to education and to legal aid and they also stress the importance to ensure that NGOs are supported in carrying out their vital work on the ground.

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